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Y'all can just keep your corner office, thank you.

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reason #326 why I moved away from the city

How many people are lucky enough to truly love their work?
Or to have an office like this?

Sometimes I like to take a moment and thank God for my wonderful life.



Gravatar Image1 - Thanks a lot Devin. I was going to get some work done today, but now I'm going to be fighting off all the calls from people that want to come work "here".

Gravatar Image2 - @2 lol; have I told you lately how much I love working for Lotus911?

Gravatar Image3 - Very cool! Emoticon Nice transition...

Although I don't have quite the view you do, I thank God for all the gifts He gives us... including having friends like you!

Have a great Friday, my brother!

Gravatar Image4 - Awesome Cinematography! All done in one continuous shot! In about a month, I'd be able to shoot something like that, except the beginning of the scene would start with me zooming out on my laptop and my blackberry pooling together into a puddle of molten plastic.

I'm so glad that you have come out of the 1 degree weather and you are able to enjoy your environment the way you and God intended.

Miss you 'round here.

Gravatar Image5 - @5 - Pause it at 21 seconds, look closely just below the center of the screen; you'll see the top of his bow. Emoticon;
PS - I miss you too my friend.

Gravatar Image6 - I keep replaying this very peaceful and serene film and half-way expecting Ted Nugent to jump out of the woods trying to scare me!


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