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New for 8.5.2: Lotus Notes Preloader

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Ok I admit it, I'm a bit behind the 8.5.2 Gold Release Bandwagon. I've played about a bit with the DP releases (and kept my mouth shut like I'm supposed to); but I haven't actually had the chance to install / play with the Gold release until this morning.

Somebody finally gets it!

Something really cool about this release is the Lotus Notes Preloader, and the fact that during install you are asked whether or not you want to Launch parts of Notes when the operating system starts to enable faster Notes startup.

Many other applications / tools / suites have, for years now, preloaded portions of themselves into memory at OS startup in order to allow themselves to launch quickly when the user needs them. The fact that IBM is just now doing this for Notes is very cool -but is in itself not really (at least IMHO) that big of a deal.

In case you missed it, allow me to point out the very important thing:

During install you are asked whether or not you want to Launch parts of Notes when the operating system starts to enable faster Notes startup.

That, my friends, is totally awesome.



Gravatar Image1 - how would you disable/un-install this when required e.g troubleshooting or simply not needed on a superfast machine ?

Gravatar Image2 -
"The preloader is most effective with Windows XP" see >> { Link }

and that is right

under win7 i dont see any difference
but under xp it does startup a bit faster.

so is the point having this option enable while many companies starting to move to OS win7

Emoticon Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - Yep, Lotus Notes - despite being a powerful desktop software capable of doing many, many things - now loads in only a few seconds. That's fantastic.

But Internet Explorer, which is nothing but a web browser (and a crappy one at that), still often takes over a minute to load the first time after a reboot. For crying out loud, when is IBM going to fix that?

Oh... wait... I keep forgetting that's Microsoft's problem. But aren't they way better at writing software than IBM? Seems to me I've heard that somewhere. So why is their flagship browser still buggy, archaic, bloated and slow? I'm so confused.

Gravatar Image4 - @Jfranchetti: Having never used the Basic client I have absolutely zero information from which to even guess at an answer.

@All: One of my biggest pet peeves about modern software (specifically with regard to the Windows platform) is that everything tries to preload itself so it seems faster when you actually call it. Seems like a good idea, until your system is so bloated and bogged down with preloaded crap that it can barely run.

Emoticon IMHO preloaded software that you can't "unpreload" is akin to a virus. It simply consumes cycles and memory and degrades my entire system. Anybody remember that RealPlayer crap that would preload when you installed Netscape so many years ago? That started my hatred for this kind of practice.

Software the preloads at OS start is cool -provided I CHOOSE to have it preload, and can CHOOSE to not have it do so as well.

Gravatar Image5 - It took me three goes to get Notes 8.5.2 installed (eventually I had to uninstall Notes 8.5.1 to get it to work).

It only asked me the preloading question the first time.

8.5.2 is still very slow on my system - perhaps you're not running an Anti-Virus?

I'm with Devin. All this preloading is rubbish. Sometimes I start the PC intending to browse, sometimes to use Notes and sometimes to play a game. Why do I have to run Notes EVERY TIME?

Gravatar Image6 - @Tim It's my understanding that Microsoft's technology strategy is not to innovate but to imitate. Take the profits from OS and Office and copy other stuff. How many examples of this would you like?
Netscape vs. IE
Netware vs. NT
Oracle vs. SQL Server
Notes vs. SharePoint


Gravatar Image7 - As said; at least You get the option to turn it on and off.

Try to keep MS Office/Outlook from pre-loading during/after install ?

Gravatar Image8 - Does this only help users using the standard eclipse client. Or can it be used to help users using basic clients, which is fast already?

Gravatar Image9 - I agree and disagree. It just moves the load time somewhere else instead of dealing with why it takes a long time to load. When I found that in the beta stuff { Link } I had some thoughts. They haven't changed yet.

Gravatar Image10 - at least its good that YOU ARE BEING ASKED if you would like to include parts of Notes in the startup.

Most companies simple DONT ASK.

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