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Warning: Curves Ahead

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Sorry I have been silent for so long, I have been a bit busy over the last several months. For anybody who still bothers to follow my blog, you may be interested that:

I will soon be leaving GBS.

There are some wonderfully talented and extremely cool people working there. In the four and a half years since I joined Lotus911 (now GBS) I have made some very good friends; and I will miss them dearly. It is however, time for me to leave.

Where am I going? Well now, that is an interesting question.

I am joining the team at Czarnowski

If that name doesn't sound familiar to you, it should. Czarnowski is where you can find John Roling and his incredible team of ultimate XPages awesomeness: Declan Lynch, David Leedy, and Mike McGarel. I am humbled and honored to be joining that team in July.

Does it get any better than this? I submit that it does not!



Gravatar Image1 - Congratulations & good luck on your new appointment Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - Yay!

Gravatar Image3 - Congratulations! My brother is joining a team of people that I call friends! Looks like things are looking up for both of us! Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - Congratulations Devin!

Gravatar Image5 - Will miss you here bro... You're going to do awesome there, though!! We'll stay in touch, and let me know if you ever get to the ATL area.

Gravatar Image6 - Congrats, Spanky! I'm thrilled beyond words for you, and John's team is getting an excellent addition. Now if they'd just quit hogging all the great people... :)

Gravatar Image7 - Congrats! They seem like a great company to work for and you will be working with some other XPages greats.


Gravatar Image8 - Congratulations Devin. Should be a fun new job.

Gravatar Image9 - Best of luck with this move, Devin! And yeah... it sure is an amazing team!

Gravatar Image10 - Congratulations!

Gravatar Image11 - Only you could manage to move from one awesome team to another. Good for you!

---* Bill

Gravatar Image12 - I wish you the best Devin for this new start. They'll definitely enjoy your company!

Gravatar Image13 - Having known John, Declan, David and Mike for some time, I am almost jealous. Emoticon

All our best for you and your great new team. We all know you'll knock it out of the park with them.

Gravatar Image14 - Congratulations, Mr. Olson. Well done. I wish you well in the next chapter of your successful career.

Gravatar Image15 - Congrats Devin. They're some great folks.

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