The Last Word about Tim Tripcony

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My friend Nathan has posted about Tim's life and the devastation of his loss.

I can add nothing more.



New Series: The Naked Warrior

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Do you regularly work from a home office or some place other than your corporate headquarters? Do you spend a lot of time at client's locations, on the road, or working from hotels? If you answer yes to any of these; then you are a naked worker.

Today's (and Tomorrow's) economy is one of increasing budget cuts and belt-tightening. Home Office Professionals and Remote Workers are rapidly becoming the rule, rather than the exception, for IT workers. Working remotely or on the road presents it's own unique set of challenges, many of which can not only be conquered but turned into strengths -assuming the worker is properly prepared. These challenges can and will overwhelm the unwary, and if left unsolved can quickly lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and loss of control over one's work; as well as cause productivity losses and project failures.

I'm introducing a new series of posts inspired by my speedgeeking session at Lotusphere, in which I will provide tips and techniques gleaned from years experience working from both home and on the road.

My goal is to help you master NAKED-FU; the ability to succeed with little or no support, communication, or resources from your corporate office. Occasionally I will also introduce a mixture of Lotus technologies and explain how they can be used to solve particularly interesting problems. I will bring my many years of hard-learned lessons to bear on these issues, and will try to help you be properly prepared on what to expect and how to succeed as a Remote Worker.

Hopefully the combination of these tips and technologies will help you attain NAKED-ZEN; success, victory, and peace of mind with your work.



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