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Bleeding Yellow

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The last several months have been an exercise in frustration. Being out of work is not something I would wish on anybody. Being out of work, in Michigan, is even more frustrating. Things that would be absoutely unnaceptable any place else are considered normal here. It is not at all unusual for people to commute 100 or more miles, one way, in order to find work.

I've been told by many "in the know" people (recruiters, mostly) that my experience is too specialized, and perhaps I should consider learning some other technologies such as Visual Basic, C++, Java, CSS, DHTML, Windows API, JavaScript, XML, or SOA. And I've exhausted myself explaining to these same people that being an expert in Lotus Notes/Domino Development/Administration requires that I master all of these things and more. I've been told by many of these same people that career wise, it is simply not possible to find work in the field that I love, and that I really should try something other than Lotus Notes/Domino.

This isn't to say that I'm not willing to try out other platforms. Quite the contrary. At my core, I'm a problem solver and creator of things. I love challenges, and I love making useful things. Development for Lotus Notes / Domino has been my primary source of income since R3. I have stuck with this platform simply because it is the best one I've yet found. I've used many other languages, platforms, IDEs, and technologies throughout my career, but I've always come back to Lotus Notes. The simple truth is this: I bleed yellow.

Please forgive my impertinence, but telling me to give up Lotus technologies is akin to telling a heart surgeon to take up plumbing. They are both valueable professions, they both pay well, and they both have something to do with connecting tubes and making sure valves don't leak, right?

Which brings me to the main point of this post. I know I said in an earlier post that I wasn't going to announce this until Lotusphere, but the number of emails I've received has been astonishing, in addition to the number of page views. So I'm going to go ahead and announce it here and now.

I have accepted a position at Lotus 911 starting Monday, January 21st.

I've known many of the people there for many years, and others I've just recently met. Every one of them is excellent, and I am very proud to become a member of the Lotus 911 team.

Don't ever let somebody tell you you can't do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. If you want something, go get it. Period." -Chris Gardener

Everything is Possible...Possible is Everything


Gravatar Image1 - Hey Spanky!! Dang, that is AWESOME news! Congrats to you and to Lotus911 ...and, um, I do hope you are bringing a LOT of beer Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - Great news - nice one!

---* Bill

Gravatar Image3 - Thank you one and all.

@9: Not buying... bringing. Emoticon

@14: I understand about protecting your family. I'll keep on praying for you brother.

@18: No, I'll be staying right here (although the commute is hell) Emoticon

@20: Mary Beth Raven reads my blog!!?? I think I've just died and gone to heaven! (If y'all thought my ego was big before; y'aint seen nothin yet.)

Again, seriously, thank you all.

See you at Lotusphere!


Gravatar Image4 - Hurray! Hurray!
Great post and great news!
Rock on Lotus 911 !

Gravatar Image5 - wow, congratulations Devin and Lotus911.
Now I am starting to get pissed off that I wont be at sphere this year to celebrate with you Emoticon have a great one!

Gravatar Image6 - Congratulations Devin. That is truly excellent news. Well done!

Gravatar Image7 - Congrats on joining them. A great team, although they may be lacking in Admins (just joking Mr. Hooks).
Have fun with Nathan, Chris and the team.

Gravatar Image8 - I'm really pleased for you, that is excellent news for all concerned - congratulations!

(Like Alan said though, a shame about the Nathan thing eh) Emoticon

Gravatar Image9 - I have to agree. The Lord has taken care of me. Life is pretty good right now.


Gravatar Image10 - That's Totally Awesome news my friend - congrats!

Gravatar Image11 - Rock On! Heartfelt congratulations to you.

Gravatar Image12 - Huge Congrats - I've been fortunate that in my "Self Employed" (10 years) period I just had one 3 week spell with no work - that was hell - oh the worry. You think you should enjoy the time off - but you can't!

The relief to be able to carry on doing what you love must be huge!

Gravatar Image13 - Congratulations! Great news!

Gravatar Image14 - Great news Devin, congratulations to you and to Lotus911!

Gravatar Image15 - Absolutely. Freaking. Awesome!

Dude, I'm so happy for you. And yes, Lotus911 has a pretty killer freaking team.

Congratulations, much cause for celebration!

You moving to Hotlanta then?


Gravatar Image16 - Congrats. Sorry about all the time you'll have to spend with Nathan though EmoticonEmoticon

Gravatar Image17 - "That's a nice team Lotus 911's put together..."

For the record, we ain't done yet. Emoticon

Gravatar Image18 - Devin! I'm glad to see my former co-worker finally land. Check out my blog sometime. Do what you know dude!

Gravatar Image19 - Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon

Your perseverance to do the work you believe in makes a father very proud.
I am happy others believe in you as I do.



Gravatar Image20 - @24 thank planetlotus.org for MBR's new-found enjoyment of the Lotus blogging community Emoticon

Gravatar Image21 - Congrats Devin!

Gravatar Image22 - Ok, Im late to the party, but seriously chuffed for you Devin.
Will gladly take one of your beers next week (christ that is scary saying next week).
They are very lucky to get you

Gravatar Image23 - I knew we could goad you into spilling the beans. That's great news! And you get to stay here - even better! Congrats!

Gravatar Image24 - I'm so happy for you Devin! This is awesome news! They made a great decision!

Gravatar Image25 - Devin,
we are proud to have you.

@34-36 - Now I understand why Devin is who he is. Congrats to you both for the accomplishment you've achieved in him.

Gravatar Image26 - Great move Devin, congrats!

Gravatar Image27 - Good for you, brother. And BTW...you know your blog is cool when your PARENTS comment on it!

Dood, you will rock at your new gig. I've worked with you off and on for almost 10 years now. You've taught me a lot and bailed me out of a few (code) problems.

I'd say good luck...but you don't need any. Let's see...you have a great family, you get to continue coding on a platform that makes you happiest AND you get to brew your own beer?!?! I'd say life is pretty freaking great for you my friend.

I, too, wish I could stay on Notes / Domino so I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

Gravatar Image28 - Excellent news! Congratulations to you, and to Lotus 911 for snagging you.

Gravatar Image29 - Congratulations!
Great news for you AND Lotus911 Emoticon

Gravatar Image30 - Great news - nice one!<br /><br />---* Bill

Gravatar Image31 - Boy, that is great news indeed! Lotus911 rocks... and now it ROCKS HARD! I knew you would get back in the saddle.

As I went today for an interview not related to Lotus Notes at all, I have to admit that this entry was extremely hard to read. You see, Lotus Notes has been all I've been passionate about... she's been my baby longer than I've known my wife. She's been my love, and in some cases, my refuge. You're right, in Michigan, it IS almost impossible to find work, but it's even harder if you're more of a Domino administrator versus a developer. I'm divorcing my love, in order to protect my family. I'm glad you stuck with it. The community needs you!

Congratulations my brother! You deserve every success you get... and more!

Gravatar Image32 - SWEET! Devin's buying the beer! :)

Gravatar Image33 - Congratulations! Indeed, quite a team they are putting together over there. Cheers...

Gravatar Image34 - Congrats on the job and a great post. Know exactly where you are coming from.

Gravatar Image35 - Congrats, Devin. Lotus 911 has blessed our little family, even if our bunch of Cocky fans had to relocate to the heart of Bulldog country...I'm glad they don't eat chicken. Welcome!

Gravatar Image36 - This is great news. Congrats.

Gravatar Image37 - Sweet! Great news, my friend. That's a nice team Lotus 911's put together...

Gravatar Image38 - Congratulations! That's great news for you and for Lotus 911.



Gravatar Image39 - Great post - welcome! We all bleed yellow!!! ;)

Gravatar Image40 - Thank you. On behalf of all the IBMers who work hard for Lotus Notes, it is EXTREMELY gratifying to read a post like this. Best of luck, and I hope that IBM can help you (and Lotus 911) be very successful.

Gravatar Image41 - Sorry late to the party...

Many congrats Devin - thats awesome news... Lotus911 is becoming quite some superteam.

Gravatar Image42 - Thanks again all of you. Knowing all of you were watching out for me makes my heart happy.

Life is very good right now. Very good indeed.



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